Website Design & Development

Your website serves as the virtual front door for your prospective customers. Can you afford to have it not up to par with the standard of service you provide? That’s where CMK Marketing can help! We’ll take on the role of your personal website redesign company, working with you to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes in Fulton County, Montgomery County, Saratoga County, Albany County and beyond, coming up with creative web design ideas to help them boost their business. But no matter how good your web site looks, if it’s not built with SEO in mind, people can’t find you online. Yes, we’re talking about SEO again because it’s THAT important! Effective web development these days needs to take into account a whole slew of factors that help drive people to your site.

That’s where CMK stands above other website redesign companies.

We not only build great websites, but we don’t start building until we’ve done extensive keyword research, determining exactly what customers are searching for to find businesses like yours, and integrating keywords and phrases into content where they matter most. Our web design clients are given responsive, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly sites that look great and are easy to navigate. All of these activities, combined with great content and other special-sauce secrets, will help raise your business’ online profile and help you get found. Plus, our graphic designers work hand-in-hand with your project manager and our web designer, to produce the best site possible for your budget.